Hot Spots with Sara Cohen featuring New Restaurant in Lake Nona

New Restaurant Show Launches Called Hot Spots

Lake Nona Location for New Restaurant Coming Soon

September 12, 2018 – Just Announced! Bolay restaurant is opening its 7th location in Lake Nona. Sara Cohen, Orlando foodie, launches her show, Hot Spots, by bringing Linda Loudon and Angela Gutierrez with Bolay into the Studio. Angela brought samples of food for the team, including cilantro noodles, lemon chicken, tofu, broccoli and sweet potatoes. And don’t forget the sauces – carrot ginger and cilantro pesto were a perfect addition to the proteins!

Bolay’s concept fits right into Lake Nona’s healthy lifestyle and Linda says, it is just what the residents want!  The Bolay cuisine is nutrient rich and full of superfoods. Fitting all types of diets, this restaurant is a great way to have a fast, health-conscious meal!

Stay tuned for more and visit their website here.


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