“SALE-READY” with Justin Pekarek: Episode 2- How To STAND OUT

Here’s how to make your listing Stand OUT from the crowd, and attract a buyer willing to pay a premium price! Learn how to make more money when you sell your home: Justin Pekarek, Realtor- Your Orlando Property Advisor shows you simple tips that have helped him sell more homes quicker and for higher prices in this limited series. Today we learn how to make a unit stand out from all the others with the same floorplan in your neighborhood. Justin was able to sell this same exact floorplan for $9,000 more than an identical one across the street- using simple tips to make his listings stand out. Check out the transformation! For your free consultation about how Justin Pekarek Realtor can get you the highest price when he Lists your home, give Justin a call! 407-808-3695


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