SODO District Update with Lisa Holaday

What is happening at SODO, South of Downtown Orlando?

September 20, 2018 – Hear the latest news from Lisa Holaday, SODO real estate specialist. SODO is a business district, thriving with many historic neighborhoods.

Orlando Health is conveniently located in SODO and is one of Orlando’s most established hospitals, right near Downtown Orlando.

Lisa is very active in the SODO District and is a resident of SODO herself!

According to the City of Orlando, John Cheek, President of Orlando Brewing, says, “I support SoDo District because I not only have my business here but also live here.  I can make an impact in my area just by volunteering to help make my neighborhood better for my family, business and friends. It’sSo simple, but does take commitment and time which I gladly give to make life easier for all.”

Watch to learn more about SODO from Lisa!

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