Orlando Real #1 – Show Concept

Mark Allen Hayes features co-producer, Sara Cohen, from Stockworth Studios in Orlando, Florida and premieres the Stockworth Real Estate Network.

Stockworth Real Estate Network is a show on an exclusive real estate network that shares insider knowledge on all things real estate. Think Netflix merged with HGTV but only showcasing Orlando.  Locally based, this show will be featuring a daily special guest to keep you informed of real estate news, trends, market changes, the best local vendors to use and more!

WHY?  Well, this show is going to tell you why.  This place is awesome!

Mark tell us why so many people choose to call Orlando home. Over 68 million visitors come to Orlando annually – that’s over 186,000 people per day or over 7,500 people an hour!  Chances are if you’re watching this, you either live here or you are saving your money to visit us.  Here are just a few compelling statistics on the beautiful Orlando city:

  • Last year, Orlando was named the 2nd fastest growing city by Forbes
  • Top 10 “American City of the Future” by fDi Magazine 
  • #1 in the US for job growth by the US Department of Labor

This Orlando real estate network is going to focus on what we feel is the two most important things about Central Florida – Orlando and the surrounding areas, and that’s the people and the real estate.  

Stockworth Studios is going to be reaching out to leading companies and vendors for each category in real estate. The daily show will be covering four big segments of real estate:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Investment Property Management
  • Supporting Real Estate Industries

If you are interested in learning how to receive a private invitation to be a guest on the show, contact Sara at Scohen@stockworth.com or call 407.909.5900.

Tune in tomorrow at 12:00 PM for the next show with CCIM and Forbes Real Estate Council member, Jason Schmidt! Jason will be giving tips from the latest Stockworth Market Report.

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